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Updating cacti

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Go to /etc/php5/apache2/and ensure that you have no popen in disable_functions list.

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Until you have enough data to write a CDP, you have nothing to graph, and your graph will always have unknown data.I see it has a step value of 300 so the database should be updated every 5 minutes.Updating a Cacti Graph Function When a graph template is added to Cacti via the CLI it automatically overwrites the existing template of the same name (if there is one).First lets set up logrotate to rotate the cacti log. Modify any of the paramters above such as “rotate 14” which keeps two weeks of backup log files on the local server.Now lets make sure that the logging level is not turned up to DEBUG. Visit Cacti Install: In your browser visit your cacti installation such as 2.Below are steps on how to update the graph templates through use of the CLI. $ su Password : excel2 (Become a Super User) # cd /cacti_install (Go to cacti_install directory) # ./configure_(updates all graph templates) Warning: If the user edits a Cacti graph template via the Cacti Web Interface all the graphs that refer to this template will be broken.