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Updatepanelanimationextender on updating

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j Query Plugins not working after Update Panel’s Asynchronous request or Partial Post Back is completed.

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to display Progress Indicator Bar in ASP.

NET AJAX control that implements a bulleted data-bound list with items that can be reordered interactively.

To reorder items in the list, a user simply drags the item's control bar to its new location.

As a result, the page loads almost immediately and the panels come to life one at a time as data becomes available (usually anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds).

So instead of waiting for 5 seconds with an empty screen, the shell of the page is immediately rendered and the panels are filled in as the data becomes available.

Color想當然爾,End Value 與Start Value 就是漸層的顏色起頭跟結尾。 8.另一種特效叫做Collapse,不過要算位置,要多一點javascript,還要考慮updatepanel跟Grid View根據資料筆數的縮放,上次玩失敗了,就不敢放上來了。 目前玩一玩對這些屬性的心得就是只有這樣,希望對大家有幫助。 畫面閃太快,看不到特效的,可以在btn Update_Click()裡面,加上Thread.

Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained how to display loading animated GIF Image (loading progress indicator icon) inside the j Query Autocomplete Text Box when search is processed by j Query Autocomplete plugin.And as far as the user experience is concerned, this page is great.It delay loads each of the panels instead of waiting until all of the data for all of the panels has been processed before serving the page.Like most people, I use more than a few of Google's web applications on a day to day basis.I think what I like best about their applications is the elegance of the user interface.When bound to data, the Reorder List control will behave like many other databound controls.