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Adoption of this standard should lead to a reduction in the number of times charges have to be amended which in turn should lead to an increase in efficiency and a reduction in avoidable extra work for the police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

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Eventually I caught an error in the shutdown that it couldn't update the hwclock because the hw clock had a future date (no idea how that happened). That forced the update to the fake hardware clock and then on boot the time was at least close to the current so ntp could do it's job normally..

ntpd emits IP/UDP packets with the To S field set to 0xc0.

but the time never updates, it always stays on the incorrect time (it seems to be pulling time from the ESXi host on reboot unless i set it with ntpdate) I have unticked the box to get the time from the host. 1 u 22 64 377 8.661 -0.036 0.126 -ISP1 2 u 36 64 377 11.720 -0.027 0.280 #PRIVATE7 .

Your clock will automatically synchronize with the domain controller instead.You will still be able to use Option Two to manually sync with your domain controller at any time.This will also show you the date and time of when your clock was last successfully synchronized with the name of the Internet server used.The only custom package installed on it is Oracle's Java 8, everything else and its configuration is stock.Yesterday I noticed that the rpi time was wrong (after a short power failure).I would check the 2 other boxes DC1 & 3 to ensure they are getting the correct time. 1 u 40 64 377 9.468 0.209 0.129 -PRIVATE3 2 u 12 64 377 6.943 -0.270 0.142 -PRIVATE5 .